Wiklund - Physical Education: Grade 7 - 20-21

Wiklund - Physical Education: Grade 7 - 20-21

Welcome to another year at Porter Ridge Middle School.  You will be using Canvas for all of your home school needs.  






My name is Jason Wiklund and I will be your physical education teacher this year.   I know this is going to be a very different and strange year but we will all get through it.






On the days you are at home and you would have had pe, you will do an excercise routine, followed by some type of game or activity you can do by yourself.   We will use an exercise log to track what you do on a two week basis.  


Remember you are only doing the exercises on the days you have p.e.  Also you are only doing the exercises for that spacific day.  At the end of two weeks you will fill the form out and submit it.  The first exercise log is due on Friday August 28th.

Google docs exercise log form



Only record your attendance on the days you have pe.  For example:  If you have p.e. on A days do not record your attendance if it is a b day.

Click link to record your attendance






Course Summary:

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