Dickerson-English I College Prep-S1

Dickerson-English I College Prep-S1

*Students will need to buy a copy of Romeo and Juliet: The Graphic Novel by Gareth Hinds*


Class Overview:

Students in English I will examine a range of literary works to enhance their interpretive and critical thinking skills for success as a 21st century student in a globally-based world of relationships and information.   The course will include literature and strategies for reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, grammar, and research; components to facilitate student learning.  The state of NC has adopted Common Core Standards.  The standards focus on reading literature and informational texts, writing, language, speaking, and listening.  These skills will be developed throughout the class.  The works we will use as a basis for this skill development are: The Odyssey, Romeo and Juliet, and Of Mice and Men.


Classroom Expectations:

To prepare our 21st Century students we must have safe environments and classrooms where students feel free to think and share.  To create such an environment students must do their best, follow directions, work quietly when it is called for, come to class regularly and always prepared, and most importantly, respect themselves and others.  As a whole class, we will discuss the meaning of the word respect and its implications for our class. 


Consequences for an individual’s behavior which is disruptive to the mission will be as follows: warning, relocation in the classroom, parent phone call and/or removal from the classroom.  


Daily Required Materials

-Pens (black/blue) and pencil

-Loose Leaf Paper

-Post-It Notes  

-Laptops and chargers

-Composition notebook

-Two pocket folder


I would recommend all students have some sort of planner to write their daily assignments in for this class and others. 


Student Work

Student work is expected to be turned in at the time it is due.  Depending on the type of assignment, it will be graded on effort, accuracy, and/or skill.  If a classwork/homework assignment is not turned in on time, it will not be accepted and a zero will be given for that assignment.  Heavily weighted assignments will be accepted late, with points taken off for each day.




I provide tutoring during the week, before and after school.  My posted times for tutoring are Wednesdays immediately after school (3:00-3:30) and Thursday mornings (7:30-8:00).  If students need to extra help at a different time, they can contact me and we will work something out.  Tutoring is a time for students to come and ask questions, get extra practice, or discuss assessment grades.


Tardiness and Absences

Students are expected to be in the assigned seat when the final bell rings to begin working.  The first ten minutes of every class will be spent reading outside reading books.  If previously absent, on the day of return, missed assignments are to be handed in immediately.  Work will not be taken beyond five days.  Missed work can be found on my Moodle page most days.  Students must be responsible for collecting assignments and coming in before or after school to make-up any tests/quizzes.  I will not be able to remember who was absent the day before.  Students are more than welcome to come to me with questions, but need to do so before or after school. 



Bring laptops to class daily, unless otherwise directed.  When laptops are brought to class, they should be charged and ready to use.  When every student needs to plug in their laptops, it causes a tripping hazard.  During times when the whole class is using laptops, students should remain on task and only on appropriate websites.  If the teacher asks students to lower their screens or shut computers, students should save their work and do so immediately.  If a student does not have their laptop in class, for whatever reason, they are still responsible for the work.  Most assignments can easily be done on paper.  

Course Summary:

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