Course Syllabus

English II


 Common Core Anchor Standards


Student will analyze and evaluate texts at appropriate reading and complexity levels for understanding, craft/structure, validity, and thematic connections to other works.


Students will write frequently over a period of time in the argumentative, narrative, and expository modes (including research).  Students will understand writing as a process to create clear and coherent works and will incorporate technology in the creation of their products.

Speaking and Listening:

Students will prepare for and engage in collaborative discussions and will incorporate digital media in effective presentations to class.


Students will understand and apply correct usage of grammatical conventions.  They will understand academic vocabulary as it applies to literature and grammar and apply vocabulary skills like prefixes/roots, context, and connotation to understand difficult word meanings.





Essential Questions

Unit 1:

Voices of Modern Culture

How can cultural experiences shape, impact, or influence our perception of the world?

How does voice function in and beyond the contexts of writing?

Unit 2:

Cultural Conversations

How do external factors affect one’s sense of identity?

How do we synthesize multiple sources of information into a cohesive argument?

Unit 3:


How can an author use a work of fiction to make a statement about culture?

How might the cultural fabric of a community be stretched or altered when it encounters new ideas and members?

Unit 4:


What is the nature of justice?

How does one construct a persuasive argument?

Unit 5:

Building Cultural Bridges

How do cultural differences contribute to conflicts over environmental issues?

What is the value of self-reflection in preparing for one’s future?

Course Summary:

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