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Visual Arts Independent Study

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Class overview: This class is considered a Pre-AP course where you will get to explore different media and drawing techniques in preparation for the AP Art course next year.  In this class, you will begin to assemble your portfolio, look at different aspects of a College Board portfolio and how they grade them.  We will work with a variety of different medias, and use critiques to strengthen your work in preparation for the portfolio review.

Class Level: Independent Study-Pre-AP


Class overview: This course is meant for fourth level advanced art students who are have completed Art I, Art 2, and 3, and 4. Skills learned in Art 1, 2, 3 and 4 are incorporated and enhanced through this course.  Each students will use their prior knowledge in the previous courses to investigate more thoroughly two-dimensional drawing and design.  Students must show initiative and good work habits in addition to being interested in art


Art –Pre AP Independent Study

Famous Person Collage

Drawing Collage/Age Portrait-2.5 weeks

Cubist Self Portrait sculpture-foam-3 weeks

Impressionism Painting-3 weeks

Cartooning Unit in Pen/Storyboard-2 weeks

Large Scale Printmaking project-2 weeks

Mixed Media Project-2 weeks (you will choose the medias)

Assemblage Sculpture-2 weeks

Expressionism project/ Mixed Media

Stippling Pen Project-2 weeks





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