Course Syllabus


Raechel Rajendram

Contact me:

HSA@Monroe Middle School: 704-296-3120

Grading Policy

Students will be assessed through both formal and informal assessments. Formal assessments (Summative) include tests and quizzes and will be given frequently. Informal assessments (Formatives) will include classwork and will be weekly. 

NOTE: Students MUST show all work to receive full credit on assignments and assessments.

Grading Breakdown Grading Scale

Formatives    45% 

Summatives  45% 

Homework    10% 

90 -100

80 - 89

C 70 - 79

D 60 - 69

F 0 - 59


If You Are Absent

 It is your responsibility, NOT the teachers to make sure you catch up on the work that you missed. 

Classroom Procedures/Expectations

Starting Class

You start the class - not the teacher!

  1. Get your materials for class (ie. ISN, calculator, pencil, paper, etc)
  2. Complete warm-up on the board.


When You Need Help

  1. Look for answer in your ISN
  2. Ask your neighbor - NOT your friend across the room :-)
  3. Raise your hand 

Classroom Discussions

ALL students are asked to participate in classroom discussions. I want to hear what you have to say!

However, please make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion. If your questions is off topic, write it down and ask me later. Students should raise their hand to volunteer an answer or ask a question. Please refrain from shouting out ideas without being called on.

Course Summary:

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