Course Syllabus

Redhawk Academy

Modular English I

Title: Ms. Roxanne Breitenfeld
Qualifications: BS Secondary English Education, Appalachian State University; Highly Qualified
Personal Philosophy: Focus on the students' potential, not their current abilities. Realize that teachers craft future citizens and that graduating high school may mean the difference between a life of hardship versus a life of opportunity.
Location: Trailer 2                    
Phone: 704-296-3130  Extension- 5976
Planning: 4th period
Parent conferences are welcomed upon request.
Tutoring: The English Department's tutoring schedule will be posted outside of each English classroom. There will be at least one English teacher tutoring in the afternoons until 4PM, Monday through Thursday. Tutoring is also available on select mornings and by appointment.
Class Description: Red Hawk Academy are a group of hand picked students who have been placed in a year-long math and/or English intensive course. A team of teachers and a designated administrator will work closely to ensure the success of our students at a pivotal point in their high school careers. There is a strong focus on positive behavior, consistent attendance, and commendable grades. We have high expectations for the students in this program and expect to see great growth over the course of the school year! First semester is considered modular English. Second semester is considered English I. All state objectives for English Language Arts will be taught across both semesters; however, students must pass second semester English I in order to become a sophomore and advance to English II. 

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