Course Syllabus

Fit for Life


Keith Shea


   Fitness for Life is a class where students are exposed to fitness and health benefits in life. We will work on building cardiovascular endurance and strength training. Expectations are high for all students in Fitness for Life.  Expectations for students will include:

  1. Students should give their best effort everyday they enter the Fit Lab and/or Gym.
  2. Dress – Students should come to class everyday prepared to go outside, we encourage them to wear appropriate clothing within the dress code as temperatures dictate, as well as shoes which may get dirty.
  3. Shoes- students should wear athletic shoes, tied tightly at ALL TIMES.
  4. Hair and Accessories Hair must be in a tight bun like style. No jewelry allowed. This is to prevent injury
  5. Food/Gum - is not allowed in the fitness lab.
  6. Excuses - If a student must be excused from an activity for one day, a note from a parent will be sufficient; however, he/she will still dress out for class. Select activities missed will require a make-up.  In order to be excused from physical activity for two or more days a doctor’s note will be required.
  7. All students will be required to complete at least a 30 minute workout, every day of class.



Fit for Life is a term class that lasts for 6 weeks. Students will receive two weekly grades. One grade will be based off of their lap effort on the track. The second grade is based off of the Physical Education rubric that focuses on student effort, attitude and participation.

General Rules of Fitness For Life

  1. Follow directions the first time given.
  2. Respect yourself, others and the equipment.
  3. Come prepared and ready to learn.
  4. Use the equipment safely with the proper technique.
  5. Keep gum, candy, food and drink put away.
  6. Keep all electronics put away until dismissal.








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