Course Syllabus

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 Mrs. McAdams



  •       1 ½” Binder
  •       Filler Paper
  •       Pencils
  •       Erasers
  •       1 Composition book
  •       Graph paper
  •       Ear Buds


Homework will be assigned Monday thru Thursday except when otherwise stated. Homework is essential to ensure that scholars do well on tests and prepare them for high school. It will help scholars master the topics learned in class.  All homework will be turned in at the beginning of class on Friday of the week given and graded for accuracy. The expectations for homework will be that it is neat, complete, and accurate.

If you have any questions about homework, my door is open at 8am for extra help.

Late Homework or Assignments will be accepted for up to one week after the due date at a penalty of 10 points.



Skill Practice                            10%

Formative Assessments    45%

Summative Assessments  45%

 Skill Practice * Homework and Participation

Formative* Warm-ups and Exit tickets

Summative* Unit Test, Quizzes and Benchmarks

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