Adams - Adv Inquiry - Honors - S1

Adams - Adv Inquiry - Honors - S1

Welcome to Advanced Inquiry and Research (AIR)

Tim Adams

Advanced Inquiry and Research

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Phone:  704-290-1565

Times Available: 8:30-9:15 am/tutorial time


About this course:

Designed to prepare ninth grade students for honors and college courses, this course will teach students the basic skills required for success in higher level classes. This course will focus on introducing reading and writing strategies to improve the level and endurance of students' reading and writing proficiency. The focus of this course will be instruction in persuasive and argumentative writing.  Moreover, instructional strategies such as Socratic seminars, literary groups, coordinated group activities and projects, research techniques and presentations, inquiry-based activities, project-based learning, and a study of vocabulary, grammar, and language usage will also be used to promote an advanced level of thinking, speaking, reading, and writing.  

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  • I keep an assignaday calendar that contains each day’s agenda for class. The agenda provides an overview of each day’s class content and activities as well as classwork/homework that is assigned.



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