Adams - English I Honors - S1

Adams - English I Honors - S1

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Tim Adams

English I Honors

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Phone:  704-290-1565

Times Available:  Before School (by appointment)/Tutorial Time


English I Curriculum

Honors Course Expectations


  • The course curriculum is specifically designed as an honors course that is more rigorous, experiential, investigative and/or accelerated than a standard course.

Definition of Honors Courses:

  • Honors courses should be developed and conducted to demand more challenging involvement than standard courses. They must be demonstrably more challenging than standard courses and provide multiple opportunities for students to take greater responsibility for their learning.  Honors courses should be distinguished by a difference in the quality of the work expected rather than merely by the quantity of the work required.


Purpose of Honors Courses:

  • Honors courses should be designed for students who have demonstrated an advanced level of interest and achievement in a given subject area. The rationale for honors courses is not to provide a means to attract students to enroll in classes for additional credit, but rather to offer challenging, higher-level courses for students who aspire to an advanced level of learning. Furthermore, students and parents should be informed that honors courses are more demanding and have requirements beyond those of standard courses.  Honors courses should be an integral component of a program of study that provides an array of opportunities for all students based on their aptitudes, affinities, and interests.



  • Honors courses exemplify the following characteristics:
  • Require a higher level of cognition and quality of work than a standard course
  • Enable students to become actively involved in classroom learning experiences
  • Involve students in exploratory, experimental, and open-ended learning experience
  • Honors courses should provide opportunities for the following:
  • Problem-seeking and problem-solving
  • Participation in scholarly and creative processes
  • Use of imagination
  • Critical analysis and application
  • Personalized learning experiences
  • Learning to express/defend ideas
  • Learning to accept constructive criticism
  • Becoming a reflective thinker
  • Becoming an initiator of learning

Assignaday Calendar Link:

I keep an assignaday calendar that contains each day’s agenda for class. The agenda provides an overview of each day’s class content and activities, homework assigned, as well as due dates for long-term assignments and projects.  I created this calendar so that students and parents can check it when a student is absent and for a student and/or parent to use in planning each week’s homework schedule.




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