Course Syllabus

Course Overview and Procedures 

English IV College Prep

Mrs. Little


Expectations:                                                  Consequences: (except where noted)

  • Be cooperative and respectful.
  • Come to class prepared and willing to learn.
  • Follow school and county rules.
  • Warning/Staying after class
  • Parent contact
  • Office referral


Classroom Procedures:

Announcements: No one may talk during announcements.


Beginning of Class: Students should be in their assigned seats with pencils sharpened, materials out, laptops charged/plugged in and be ready to begin instruction.  Any discussions or individual concerns can be discussed once work is assigned.


Cell Phones: This year, students may use cell phones during class changes.


  • Students are not to use cell phones during class time without permission.
  • Students must keep cell phones, ipods, and other unauthorized devices off and out of sight during the class period, even if work is complete. Phones out will be taken, for later retrieval from me or the office.



Closing of Class: Students should pack up only when asked to do so.


Computers: Laptops must be charged or plugged in before class starts. Students are required to know their computer login information and bring their computer and charger to class everyday. When using any school computer, students are to only use assigned websites, programs, and apps. Computer use in class will be monitored.


During Class: Students must stay seated and focused. If a student has a question, he/she needs to raise his/her hand and wait to be recognized.


Homework: Is due at the beginning of class. Place your homework on the desk at the back of the room when you enter class.  No homework is accepted late, unless you are absent.

Late Work- Submit your assignments on time. No work will be accepted more than 3 days late and will drop a letter grade for each day late.


Missed Assignments: Students have two days for each day absent to make up all assignments. Absent students must check the Daily Agenda on Google Classroom, the link is provided on Canvas, for assignments.Questions concerning make up work can be asked before or after school.


Restroom: Use the restroom between classes. In case of an emergency during class, students may ask permission to use the restroom and must correctly sign out and in on the sheet provided. Each student will receive no more than 5 bathroom passes a semester. If you do not use your bathroom passes, you may redeem them for extra credit at the end of the semester. Bottom line, please use the restroom before class. Thank you.


Topics of Study: According to the Union County Program of Studies English IV students are to become skilled readers and writers of European Literature and American Literature that was influenced by European philosophy. They must also read a Shakespearean play and complete presentations that incorporate interdisciplinary informational texts, writing, presentations, speaking, and listening skills.


College Prep Expectations:

This is a college prep course. All Parkwood college prep students should be prepared to meet the expectations listed below. These are neither requirements nor limits-merely a list to better educate students on the expectations of college prep prior to enrollment.

    • Grading based on critical thinking, analysis, and content
    • Up to 15 pages of reading a night, if we do not finish the reading during class time.
    • Bi-Weekly vocabulary
    • Research and other projects that may require collaborative learning away from school with classroom presentations.
    • A minimum of 3 essays


  • A senior exit project/presentation on your research from last year. (Refer to the Parkwood Research website for more information.)


    • Daily grammar exercises


  • Reading, writing, and speaking  daily, as this is an English course designed to teach you the skills you need to present yourself in an educated manner, both on paper and in person for the rest of your life. 
  • Please remember English is a core course and must be passed to graduate. 


             Tutoring is offered on Tuesday’s, after school for struggling students, by     


 Reading Schedule:To be Announced



 3-ring binder                                                        Loose-leaf paper

School-assigned laptop                                       Divider (Notes, Classwork, Homework/Projects)   

Writing Utensils                                          

1 pack of 4 different colored highlighters


Grades are based on points.

Use this formula to determine your grade. Points earned divided by points possible=% (90-100= A  80-89 B 70-79=C 60-69=D 0-59=F)


Assessments include writing assignments, in-class assignments, presentations, tests, projects, homework, and weekly reviews on Friday. Each review will cover material studied that week.   Contact Information:Phone: (704) 764-2900               

Course Summary:

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