Course Syllabus

Media Literacy Course Description

Instructor - Mrs. Williams

Assistant Instructor - Mrs. Smith


Welcome to Media Literacy and the Parkwood High School Media Center! We are happy that you have shown interest in this course. Students accepted into this course are considered to be responsible, hard working students and are requested to have teacher recommendations, which means taking part in this course is a privilege. Below you will find an outline of the course description, duties and expectations. 


Purpose of the Course 

1) Learners will acquire specialized research skills and become more information literate as outlined in the Information and Technology Essential Standards (Common Core) for North Carolina and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards. By exploring a greater and more varied number of resources (print, non-print, electronic), student media assistants will be able to: 

  • Evaluate and use the most appropriate resources (print, non-print, electronic). 
  • Use a variety of technology tools to design products and share information such as digital video and photography skills and video editing software. 
  • Organize information for presentations. 
  • Create projects that address school and global issues. 
  • Analyze issues and practices of responsible behavior when using resources; complying with copyright laws, citing sources, netiquette and all aspects of digital citizenship. 

2) Assist the staff and students of Parkwood High and help the library media center to operate efficiently. Students will learn how the library is managed. 

3) Follow a production plan and create news broadcast and productions for the school using video editing software. 



  • Work at the circulation desk, greet patrons, and provide excellent customer service. 
  • Help students by: checking passes, finding materials, giving assistance with printing. 
  • Shelve library items and spot shelf-reading to make sure the collection is in order. 
  • Complete relevant course assignments online in Canvas. 
  • Plan and produce news broadcast and productions using video editing software. 
  • Miscellaneous duties such as creating bulletin boards and displays, running errands, laminating, delivering materials and equipment to classrooms, checking in magazines, setting up for meetings, inventory and other tasks as requested by the instructors. 


Rules and Behavior Expectations 

Student assistants represent the Parkwood High Media Center and are often the first person a patron sees when entering the room, so please adhere to the following…

  • A love of reading is not required, but a positive attitude toward academics is necessary. 
  • Students are to report to the media center on time. The school tardy and absence policy applies.
  • Assignments should be completed on time. Due dates will be posted on Canvas. 
  • Schoolwide rules are to be followed in the media center. For example, follow the dress code, no cell phone usage, no food & drink (other than water). 
  • Student assistants are expected to be professional, courteous and helpful to other students and faculty. If you have trouble helping someone or don’t know how to do something, please ask for help from Mrs. Williams or Mrs. Smith. 
  • Student assistants are expected to remain in the media center at all times unless given permission to run errands or use the restroom. In that case they should always carry their media assistant ID with them and follow sign out procedures. 
  • When answering the phones, please say, “Media Center, may I help you?” Students should never call out on any of the school phones. If you need to make a call, we will give you a pass to go to the office. 
  • Friends cannot “hang out” at the circulation desk or in the production room. Students not in this class should not be in the production room for any reason unless they are filming an approved segment for the broadcast. 


  • Canvas assignments, school broadcasts/productions, daily duties and a final exam comprise the semester grade. Assignments are graded on a point scale. Points possible will be listed on every assignment. 
  • Good attendance is imperative, as this is a task performance class that will be graded accordingly. 
  • Daily conduct and performance in the media center will be noted. You will work independently much of the time, handle valuable equipment, and have access to confidential data so trustworthiness and character are a must! 
  • 10% is taken off assignment grades for every day they are turned in late. Announcement segments cannot be turned in late as they are time sensitive and will receive a grade of 0 if they are not turned in by the due date. 

Final Exam

  • A final exam will be given and will count as 25% of your final grade. 
  • Students who have an average of 90 or above and no more than 3 unexcused absences OR students who have an average of 80 or above and no more than 2 unexcused absences may be exempt from the exam. 

Course Summary:

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