Climbingbear - Firefighter Technology I - S1

Climbingbear - Firefighter Technology I - S1


This academey will be a retention and devlopment tool for our surrounding fire departments we will develop a highly trained firefighter and overall out standing professional people.

Public safety class-The introduction of the following emergency career fields, Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Security, and Corrections. This class is based on building leadership and team skills. This class is also the prerequisite for the Fire Academy.

Fire Tech 1-This is the first 7 classes of the 21 that will be certification tested classes.

Fire tech 2-This is the second set of 7 classes in the fire series

Fire Tech 3 is the final series of classes in the fire series

Fire Tech Advaced studies-this class allows for speciality projects and extended time for hands on trainging to master the skills that were learned in the first three fire tech classes.

The public Safety class sets the rules, expectations, and provides the begining structure of the Fire Academy. There is a $25 club fee that assist with the purchase of a T shirt that is used for a uniform, and access to the public safety club. 

The Fire Academy is the foundational firefighter training that will certify cadets with all high school credits being one short of the complete North Carolina Fire Fighter certification.

The requirements of the Fire Academy include commitments to high moral and ethical standards including not failing more than 3 certification test. Issues with failing test or poor moral and ethical decision making leading to charges, suspensions, or a negative reflection upon the academy will result in the student(s) dismisal from the program.

Fire Uniforms are also required and range from $50-$100. The cadets select their polos every year and any extra apparel that may increase the price.


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