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Mr. John Castator "Coach Caz"                                         

Mr. Brian Marchand (“Coach Marchand”)


This activity class is designed to provide basic instruction in weight lifting techniques and provide a program specific to student's goals and needs.  Students will develop weight lifting programs that will develop strength and help prevent injuries through weight training techniques and skills.  Optional equipment: Weight lifting gloves and belt.


Students will:

  • Respect the equipment and facilities and adhere to safety rules.
  • Respect classmates and authority and help to promote a positive learning environment.
  • Dress appropriately for class each day (tennis shoes, sweat pants or shorts, Black shirt) and will be expected to follow proper hygiene at the end of each class period. 
  • Participate as fully as possible in daily class activities.
  • Be on time and organized into your alphabetical attendance line at the designated time.
  • Be responsible for learning and mastering skills, concepts and knowledge associated with each unit of study.
  • Be responsible for bringing their own locks to secure personal items inside their lockers.
  • Organize the weight room every day before class is over.
  • Disinfect any weight equipment that they have used that is contaminated from sweat.

State Standards/Objectives


Dress, Participation and Attitude

- Students are awarded 10 points per day for changing clothes, full participation, attendance and having a positive, encouraging attitude.

- 5 Points will be deducted for any violation of the class rules

(If you are injured and unable to perform then you will have a separate written assignment to gain credit for participating in class.)

-          Daily participation will make up 90% of your grade.

Max Testing

Students will be put through a series of weight lifting tests at the beginning of the semester, a mid-term exam and the final examination.  Evaluations will be made consistently on the students’ progress of their lifting programs.  Semester students will also be responsible for developing, following and completing weight lifting programs. 

-          Max Testing will make up 10% of your grade.

State Standards/Objectives: Please click on the link


We will be available for conference times before school in the Field House Office. 


John Castator "Coach Caz"

Brian Marchand “Coach Marchand”



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