Willis - Fit Lab Grade 6 - T3

Willis - Fit Lab Grade 6 - T3

2019-2020                   PRMS                         FIT LAB COURSE SYLLABUS                                        Ms. Willis

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  During the 6-weeks, students will learn specific musculoskeletal terminology as well as the development of lifetime wellness as they participate in various workout regimes.  Students will learn proper techniques necessary to prevent injuries while promoting muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

DRESSING OUT:  Students are required to dress out into proper athletic attire on a daily basis.  Not having all parts of the proper attire, including footwear, will result in a loss of up to 15 points per class period.  Maintaining school dress code is mandatory:  NO SPANDEX, yoga pants, jeggings, improper length shorts, etc.  During cold weather, students may wear sweatpants or leggings UNDER their shorts as well as sweatshirts, coats, and hoodies.

MUSIC:  Students may listen to their own music with headphones during their workout rotations.  Earbuds must be REMOVED during teacher instructional time.  Improper use may result in a loss of this privilege.

TECHNOLOGY:  Students will be using their Chromebooks during class time on a daily basis.  UCPS iPods will be used frequently to collect data.  Data will NOT be shared with anyone other than the teacher.  Students ‘misuse of technology’ will result in loss of privileges as well as an administrative referral depending on the severity of the infraction.  This includes playing games, watching videos, completing work for other classes, etc.

PARTICIPATION:  A portion of each class period is dedicated to the development of muscular strength and endurance while demonstrating proper technique.  A variety of fitness equipment will be used to enhance the student’s ability to establish the benefits of a lifetime of fitness.  Failure to participate during this section of class time will result in a deduction of the student’s grade.  Alternate assignments will be given to students who present a doctor’s note restricting their physical activities.

CARDIO-ENDURANCE PARTICIPATION:  As weather permits, students will be participating in various activities outside.  These activities might include, but are not limited to the following:   sprints, speed laps, endurance laps, or other physical activities deemed health-beneficial by the teacher.  Failure to participate in these physical activities will result in a deduction of the student’s grade.  Students are encouraged to bring a personal water bottle to use during this time as they will not be able to easily access the water fountains inside of our building.  Students may also find it helpful to bring the following items:  sunscreen, hat or visor, and/or sunglasses, jacket, gloves, scarf, etc.

END of TERM PROJECT:  Students will be completing a project on muscle and physical involvement which will be submitted electronically via CANVAS at the end of the grading period.  They will be learning about a specific muscle each class period and will record researched information on a given template.  UCPS iPods will be used during selected class periods for the sole purpose of capturing visual demonstration of the targeted muscle or physical activity in a photo to be used in completing the project.

TEACHER EMAIL:                                                 paula.willis@ucps.k12.nc.us

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