McGinty - Spanish I High School Credit - 19-20

McGinty - Spanish I High School Credit - 19-20


(High School Credit)

Bandera de España

Welcome to Spanish I

This course is taught the same as it is at Weddington High School with the same expectations since it is for High School Credit.

We will move at a fast pace and my expectations are that you will be reviewing class material and vocabulary nightly even if no homework is assigned.

You will be assigned a workbook in class and it will remain in the classroom until the end of the year.  You are welcome to tear out pages that we do in class to help you study for any quiz or test.

I have also attached below the electronic site for the textbook and the workbooks.

You will be tested on all aspects of the language to include speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension an grammar.

You will have a comprehensive final exam at the end of the year which will be 20% of your final grade.

I will update powerschool as quickly as possible after a quiz or test so you will always know where you are with your grade. I will also post study aids in the form of powerpoints and extra worksheets and notes in Canvass to assist you.

If you miss a quiz or test --- please see me as quickly as possible for a make up time. It is your responsibility to see me for make up times. I am here each morning early for tutoring and make ups. Please be here by 7:45 am. as I have car pool duty which begins at 8:20 am. but email me first to be sure there are no conflicts.

  If you are having any problems with the material -- please come for help as we can often resolve them quickly with a little one on one time.

Textbook Sites:

Text Book: 

Core Practice Workbook:

Guided Practice Workbook:

Realidades I Guided Practice WORKBOOK.pdf


Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules.Spanish.docx



Week 1 and 2 -- We will review all the concepts and vocabulary from 7th Grade Spanish:




Subject Pronoun Chart.ppt



Body Parts.Classroom Vocab Words.docx

Calendar Vocabulary.docx

6th grade numbers_vocab..doc


Para Empezar.Telling_time_in_Spanish.For Class.ppt

2A.2Subject.pronouns with Ser.ppt

Chapter 2A Conjugation of AR Verbs:

2A.arverbs.For class #1 Best.ppt


2A.AR Verbs #2.ppt

Chapter 2B -Estar

2B Vocab and Practice with “Estar”.docx

2B ESTAR guided notes.ppt


Chapter 3A - Er and Ir Verbs




Ch 3A“Er” and “Ir” Verb Conjugation Chart.docx


Chapter 3A

3B.Making_plurals adjectives.ppt

3B.Subject.pronouns with Ser.ppt

Chapter 4A


4A.Question Words.interrogativas.ppt



Chapter 4B Powerpoints

4B.Best ir + a + infinitive.ppt

4B.Ir+A.Book Powerpoint.Notes.ppt

4B.The present tense of stem-changing verbs.ppt




Date Change to Final Exam:

Date of Spanish I Final Exam has been changed to Wednesday May 27. Please avoid all conflicts for the day with no doctor appointments etc.  It will be from 8:45 am - 11:50 am. You may not need all that time but you will have it. We will discuss it further in class!!


Mr. McGinty's Video Message


Note: Please add the Spanish Characters (Accent Marks) to your google drive through Google Extensions.  You will need it for some future assignments if we do not return to school.


Notice of work and schedule due to the CoronaVirus Break - Week of April 1st and  Week of 4/6

Any questions about work - email me!!


Chapter 4B Quizlet


Note: Up above on this page are the links to the text book site and the vocabulary page as well as the Core Practice and Guided Practice workbooks.  You will need them to complete the attached assignments.

B Day Spanish I

Your 1st Assignment is to complete the 4B Speaking assignment. The attached assignment sheet below.

Examen Presentational Speaking.4B.docx

You do not have to invite me - you may invite anyone and it should be at least 6 sentences (Be Creative) it is a good review of 4B . You may email it to me! A Day completed this assignment before this break began.

A Day and B Day Spanish I

The below attached work is for A Day and B Day and can be completed on a separate sheet of paper or you can print the individual worksheets from the workbook links above. The attached work should take you the equivalent of  2 hours to complete during the week of 4/1 and 4/6 .

Using the link for the Core Practice and Guided Practice Workbooks -- complete the following pages:

  1. Core Practice 85-88 – 5A Vocabulary

 2. Core Practice 89 and Guided Practice 159 -160. – the verb “Tener”

Remember– Tener is a “Yo go” and a Stem Changer (e=ie). It is not a full boot verb but is a sock verb because there is not stem change in the Yo form but it has the “go” in the YO form.

  1. Create 15 sentences using the chapter vocab for family members and the verb tener. – it must be neat!!!! (Colby and Emerick !!!!!) :)

 You will need to use Tener in all of its forms – not just the Yo form.

EX – My mother has 4 cousins , My uncles have 5 children ( make the words plural)

Below are Some Notes, Vvideos and Powerpoints to help you with "Tener". Remember it is on the Stem Change Verb Pack ( last page) I gave you in class -- it is a "yo go" but also a "Sock" verb.

5A Vocab Sheet


Powerpoints and Notes


5A.The present tense of tener,best.ppt


Chapter 5A Quizlet

Videos Explaining "Tener and Idiomatic Expressions

01035 Spanish Lesson - Present Tense - Tener

01036 Spanish Lesson - Present Tense - tener (part 2); useful phrases

Please feel free to email me with any questions or to just say say hello. I actually do miss all of you!!!


Spanish I Work for the Week of 4/21 - 4/24

We are beginning now possessive adjectives ( my, his, hers, yours, theirs , ours)

"Note" -- they key to this is that whether it is singular or plural depends of what is being possessed not the person doing the possessing.

Ex - My book = mi libro

Ex - My books = mis libros

The only possessive adjective where you have to focus on gender is "ours". All of them you have to focus on singular/plural but "ours" is the only one with gender.

Ex - Our house - nuestra casa (nuestras casas)

Ex - Our car - nuestro carro (nuestros carros)

Notes, Videos, and Powerpoints to Review

5A.Possessive Adjectives.Notes.doc

5A.Possesive Adjectives.Practice.ppt

5A.Possessive Adjectives.2.ppt

5A.Possessive Adjectives.3.ppt

Learn Spanish - Possessive adjectives (part 1)

01042 Spanish Lesson - Possessives (part 2); nuestro, su


1. Core Practice - Page 90-91 

2. Possessive Adjective Sheet - This sheet you will save on your computer and type in the answers, save it again with your answers and then attach to an email to me to turn it in. You will be accountable to finish this sheet.


Due on Friday 4/24

We will finish this Chapter remotely by May 8 - so please keep up with the weekly work or it will build up on you!! There will be some practice sentences, short answer etc coming so keep reviewing the vocabulary through the use of the quizlet --which I am sure you have been doing -- right ????????


Work For Week of 4/27 - 5/1

This is a very easy week with only 2 assignments that continue with Chapter 5A. You will need to know how to conjugate "Tener" and the Possessive Adjectives as well as the vocabulary. Use the quizlet posted above for practice.

1. Us the quizlet for 15 minutes to practice the vocabulary.

2. Do the Sentence sheet that incorporates the Vocab, tener and the possessive adjectives.

Chapter 5A - Vocab, Tener and Possessive Adjectives (1).docx

3. Short Answer Questions ( No Essay)

Ch 5A Short Answer.docx

That's all for this week so I am expecting some good quality work. If you did not do the Possessive Adjective work from last week you have until  4/30.

Both of the sheets above are word documents so follow the video of how to place accent marks. You need to open the assignment, save it, do it, re-save it and attach it to an email to me.


Week of 5/4 - 5/9

This is a very  eazyweek and we are almost done. Next week we will do some work on the difference between Ser and Estar along with the new Vocabulary in Chapter 5B. This weeks we just finish Chapter 5A with 2 eazy assignments.

1.  These are just 15 sentences to put in Spansih. send themas a WORD Docment. Please no Wordpad that I cannot open as well as no google translate -- i know some are using it!!!!! Remeber what I used to do for a living!!

5AJeopardy.Chpater 5A Vocab.ppt

2. 5A Speaking Assignment

Examen Presentational Speaking.5A.docx

Week of 5/11- 5/15

We are almost there !!! Keep Plugging.

This weeks work is ver easy since we have basically covered it but now we have to spend a litlte more time on the difference and use of Ser and Estar

You should have the sheet that lists the use of each verb -- remember about the accenst of Estar.

There are some videos and a powerpoint to review which will help you before doing the assignment.

Videos, Notes and Powerpoinnts


5B.Ser v Estar-1.Best.ppt

Ser vs. Estar - Using Estar (intermediate)

Ser vs Estar - Using Both with a change in Meaning (intermediate)

Some of the vdeos have a little more detail than you need but review them for the basics - it is important for Spanish II next year.

Good Video Below

SER vs ESTAR: How, When and Why to use TO BE


You only have one sheet to do this week. It is a Word Doc - so just open it, save it, do the assignment, re-save and attach to an email. You must state the reason why you chose the verb as well as do the sentence.

Chapter 5B - “Ser v. Estar_.docx

Week of 5/18 - 5/22

We are continuing with Chapter 5B and more of the vocabulary. Below is the link to the vocabulary sheet you will need to complete the assignments.

Also we are reviewing the verb "Venir" which is the same conjugation as Tener. "yo go" and an e to ie stem changer.

Review the video for the conjugation.

Go Verbs: TENER and VENIR

The Verb Venir (Spanish I, chapter 5B)

Assignment Sheets

Chapter 5B Vocabulary_Venir Quiz - (20 Points).docx

Chapter 5B Vocabulary Quiz - (20 Points).docx


Week of 5/26 - 5/29

As we are approaching the end, there is only one assignment sheet to review Stem Changing Verbs.

Note for Some Students: Stop using google translate -- I can tell by the words you use and the conjugations. I expect more and have not assigned alot of work. Please be honest!!!!

01065 Spanish Lesson - Present Tense - E-IE Stem-changing verbs

01066 Spanish Lesson - Present Tense - O-UE Stem-changing verbs


PRESENT INDICATIVE TENSE: Stem Changing Verbs in Spanish



Remember about the verbs that when conjugated -- you use an infinitive after them!!!

I can run -- Yo puedo correr ( o-ue stem changer but we use an infinitive after it-- not all verbs are like this but we made a list)

Dormir and Poder Practice.docx


Week of 6/1-6/5

Congratulations -- you are done with Spanish I.

This is a question week -- if you have any specific things you want to review remotely I am available for questions. I believe all of you are very well prepared for Spanish II.

I wish you all the very best in the future. It was a pleasure to have you in class for the past 3 years. I am awlays available to asisst in any way.

Stay safe and healthy!!



































Course Summary:

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