McGinty - Middle School Spanish - S1

McGinty - Middle School Spanish - S1

7th Grade


2014 - Mexico City - Cathedral

This course is considered an introduction to Spanish I and we will cover the 1st 3 chapters of Spanish I.

We will move at a quick pace since it only one semester and my expectations are that you will be reviewing class material and vocabulary nightly even when no written homework is assigned.

You will be tested on all aspects of the language to include speaking, writing, listening, reading comprehension and grammar.

I will update powerschool as quickly as possible after a quiz or test so you will always know where you are with your grade. I will also post study aids in the form of powerpoints and extra worksheets and notes in Canvass to assist you.

If you miss a quiz or test --- please see me as quickly as possible for a make up time. It is your responsibility to see me for make up work !!!  I am here each morning early for tutoring and make ups. Please be here by 7:45 a.m as I have car pool duty which begins at 8:20 am. but email me first to be sure there are no conflicts.

  If you are having any problems with the material -- please come and see as we can often resolve them quickly with a little one on one time.

Text Book Electronic Site:

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules.Spanish.docx




Study Aids:

Review of 6th Grade Material:

6th grade numbers_vocab..doc

Telling_Time_Notes (2).doc

Para Empezar.Telling_time_in_Spanish.For Class.ppt

Body Parts.Classroom Vocab Words.docx

Calendar Vocabulary.docx


6th grade numbers_vocab.-1.doc

Chapter 1A: Gustar and Infinitive Verbs:



Chapter 1B - Ser, Subject Pronouns and Adjectives:




2A.2Subject.pronouns with Ser.ppt

3B.Subject.pronouns with Ser.ppt



Subject_Pronouns_notes (4).doc


 We will have a cumulative Semester Exam for the 7th Grade:

A Day is Tuesday January 14

B Day is Wednesday January 15

Attached here is a study guide and it will cover all the grammar and vocabulary from the semester's 3 chapters.  It will be multiple choice and True/False

7Th Grade Final Study Guide.docx




Course Summary:

Date Details Due