Nichols - 8th Global Studies - T6

Nichols - 8th Global Studies - T6

Best Wishes to you, 8th graders, as you move

up to High School!

Have a very happy Summer vacation!



June 1 - 5

We are now in the month of June! 

Do you like to travel here within the USA and to other countries? If you do, think of the places to where you have traveled, activities you did while there, and the sights you saw. 

For this week's assignment, you have the opportunity to view some travel videos with some unique traits. Proceed to the "announcements" for more details.

This is our last full week, and the last week for assignments. Please have work turned in by this Friday, no later than 1:00 p.m.


May 26-29

Do you enjoy reading stories just to have something great to read? This week's assignment is one we usually do in class to have reading time.

Proceed to the "Announcements" page for the first announcement of the week, and, then, to the "Assignments" page for this week's fun reading assignment.

:-) Have a very happy week! :-)


Week of May 18-22

Architecture is our concept of this week! This week's assignment will take you to viewing a video focusing on "green architecture" and how one town within the USA was rebuilt after a Natural Disaster came in. The focus was on making it LEED Certified throughout the process. You will learn all about this in the video presentation with a "written" assignment to follow. Have fun doing this, and please have it turned in by this Friday, by 1:00 p.m.

  :-) As always, have a very happy week! :-)


Week of May 11-15

Happy new week! Your projects last week on Higher Education were wonderful! Today, we are moving along to a new global concept. To read what it is, proceed to the "Announcements" page and read the first announcement for this week. From there, go to the "Assignments" page to locate the activity. Work for this week, as with last week, is available on Monday, at 8:00 a.m., until Friday at 1:00 p.m. This provides five days, ample time, for everyone to work on it. 

:-) Happy week to each of you! :-)


Week of May 4-8

We are moving into our first assignment this week, and it is all about "Higher Education."  You will get to learn about different colleges by doing research and making a project. Please read the announcements daily for any potential updates! Your assignment can be found on the Assignments page.

Have fun making a wonderful project!

Have a very happy week! :-)


Welcome to Global Connections, 8th graders!

Term 6



"What exactly is Global Connections?" might be thinking.

In our class, we learn about global concepts. In the 8th grade, we usually study the  concepts of Higher Education, Study Abroad, World Wonders, Architecture, Natural Hazards, and Pop Culture among others. This would also include other details within each concept. We usually complete projects during the six weeks rotation. During this unique time of remote learning, we are going to try doing as much as we would usually do, with some adapting.

Expectations during Global Connections Remote Learning:

1. Read the "Announcements" on a daily basis!

*This is my most important form of communication with you as a class!

Even if there is not a new announcement posted daily, look at the "Announcements" tab often as I might add in something new during the day.

2. Participation is important to learning!

*If you are reading this, you probably have your school Chromebook and access to Internet! That means you are able to participate on a weekly basis! Yay! :-)

3. Do your best work possible!

*Although we are not in our school building, you can still do your work as great as you would if we were on a regular school day schedule in our classroom.


Now that you know the class expectations, please go to the Announcements tab and click on it to find our first announcement of Term 6!


Happy face


Have a very HAPPY Term 6!

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