Nichols - Spanish I UCPS - 19-20

Nichols - Spanish I UCPS - 19-20

Have a very happy Summer vacation! :-)

(Proceed to the Announcements page in our program.)


June 1-5

Happy June!

We have reached the end of the course!

This week, you will complete Module 11 with Lessons 4, 5, and 6.

Please go to the announcements in the course for the details of each lesson to work on and complete.

Please complete and turn in work

by this Friday, June 5 (by 1:00 p.m.)

:-) Have a very happy week! :-)


May 26-29

This week, we have made it to the last module!

The module is divided into two parts over this and next week. Please read the first announcement of the week, and, then, proceed to the module for your activities of this week.

Please have work turned in by this Friday by 1:00 p.m.

:-) Have fun and learn all that you can! :-)


Week of May 18-22

This week finds you completing Module 10 with a big writing assignment! The directions are located within Lesson 7. Read the announcement for the work expectations of this week.

(For technical issues, please read last week's announcement below this.)

As always, have a very happy week! :-)


Week of May 11-15

This week finds us in Module 10! It is being completed in two parts; with this week, you will be working in Lessons 1, 2, and 3. Remember to read the Announcements frequently for any updated information. Look in the Program's Canvas page for the announcements from here on out. That will be the one place for announcements.

If you are having any technical difficulties, and you are not able to submit work, I have mentioned the solution in a previous announcement from April 22nd. (It is the third one on that day.) That announcement is located in our actual Program's announcements.

:-) Happy week to each of you! :-)


Week of May 4-8

We are moving along to Module 9 this week.

Please read the Announcements page daily for specific details. Remember that the announcements are my main form of communication with you as a class. It is very important that you read them daily! :-)


Week of April 27-May 1

We are continuing in Module 8 this week, with lessons 5-8 as the focus. 

Remember to take notes from each of the Presentations of the vocabulary and grammatical points.

Read the Announcements daily in the UCV Announcements page to keep up with what is expected. Work is due by the end of each week it is assigned. Our goal is to finish by the end of the school year. Please keep up weekly to not get overwelmed each week with more details added.

-------------------------------------------------------------Welcome Back from Spring Break!

Week of April 20-24, 2020

We are back into our modules this week starting with Module 8!

If you did not get to read the Announcements from yesterday and today, please do so for details about this week and Module 8.

For this week, Lessons 1-4 are the focus. Read in the Announcements on which day different parts of the module will be opened.

This is a good time to add new notes to your notebook from the Presentations, including the vocabulary and grammatical points.


Have a happy and safe Spring Break!

April 9 - 19


Week #2: April 6-9

Hola, clase:

For this week, continue your review of modules 1-7 by going over each module's Presentations and the practice activities within each (Presentation.) In addition, I have added a speaking assignment for this week in the Assignments sections. 

I am going to evaluate your speaking assignments and will keep the outcome until it is time to add in grades. This assignment will go until we return from Spring Break (due April 20); therefore,  you should be able to do it!

If anyone asks me a question about work, look for your answer in the Announcements section. If I find that the answer would benefit everyone, I will answer it in there. 

Have a happy week! Practice, practice, practice! :-)



April 1, 2020:

Hello Spanish I class! Welcome to your first day of remote learning! As your program is through your laptop, you are already familiarized with how things work.

As you know, we are still not permitted to teach new material at this time nor is any work you might do being graded. Please do not be concerned about that. This is a good time for you to do a thorough review of our Modules 1-7

To do a review, it would be a good idea to write down notes, or review what you already have in your notebook, as you go back over each module.

You should be able to go through one module easily as this is not new information, but a practice review. If you find there is one area where you need to review more, take time to study that more. 

In each of the module's lessons Presentations, you could complete

the practice activities again. 

To have a little extra practice of Module 1, go to the MODULES section of this Canvas page and you will see that I have made an optional activity for you based on Module 1. You should be able to type your answers directly into it, but if you are unable to, write your answers on paper. Go back into the Module to search for the answers.


WEEK 1: April 1, 2020

Module 1: Cognates and Greetings

This module is an introductory module and should be fairly simple to review.

Lesson 1 - Cognates

Lesson 2 - Saludos, Introducciones, y Despedidas

Lesson 3 - Numbers and Colors

Lesson 4 - Read and Write a Story

Lesson 5 - Read and Write a Story, pt.2




Spanish Flag. Elche.

Bienvenidos a nuestra clase

Please note: Look at Power School to see if you have any work that needs to be made up. 

Parents and students: Please note that most work is completed in class. Please look in the online program's "Announcements" for frequent updates for potential homework due dates as you would look in here, Canvas, for assignments due. (Parents: Ask your students to show you the "Announcements" in the program.) That is used as our first means of communication. This page is used to keep you up-to-date on what we are studying. Students are supposed to read the Announcements daily for any details.


Class expectations:


  1. You are here to learn. Put forth your best effort every day. If not, you will miss the opportunity to learn something important.
  2. You are expected to come to class on time and be prepared with all the materials needed.
  3. If you are absent, you are responsible for asking about and completing any missed work in the expected time frame.
  4. Keep any unused/personal items under your desk to prevent any tripping hazards.
  5. Raise your hand for permission to get up at any time (to sharpen pencils, use the restroom, etc.)
  6. You may not leave the classroom 15 minutes after class begins, nor 15 minutes before class ends. You must use the sign-out and sign-in, and take your agenda with you.
  7. Be respectful and thoughtful of yourself, your teacher, and your classmates by using kind words, nice manners, and by remembering that everyone is here to learn.
  8. When the teacher is speaking, you should be listening, paying attention, and, if it is asked of you, taking notes!
  9. No food, gum, or cell phones are allowed in class. Water in clear containers only.
  10. Be a role model to those around you. Everyone needs to see good examples!                                         Consequences for Behavior

1. Teacher --> Parent contact


2. Lunch Detention --> Parent contact


3. Office Referral --> To grade level administrator


Do the right thing the first time as it is the right thing to do!


Remember to  read the Announcements in our program for

up-to-date details.



Course Summary:

Date Details Due